Spiral Staircase -- first step completed!

Sid and I had a busy weekend!
I did the Fall Fiber Festival in Hopkins, MN on Saturday. Thanks to all who came and purchased fiber and felt! It was my first time vending there, thanks for the warm welcome!
We came home to house guests, Jake and Marie, who had brought a delicious crock pot lamb dinner. Yumm!
Sunday was the big day to install the 25' white oak tree trunk.  This will become the center pole for a three level spiral staircase in the house. The tree was cut early last spring by our good friend, Randy, on his land.  Last June, Sid, along with Randy and his brother, debarked the trunk and it's been drying all summer in our pole barn. It weighed 830 lbs.

After much discussion, plans were made to cut a hole in the north side of the house and slide the tree trunk in; hoist it up to the top beam of the house and then cut a hole in the floor and lower it to it's intended position in the basement. Three guys and 4 hours later, it was done. What a relief!
View from the outside the house...
View from the inside...

Let the hoisting begin! Sid and Randy guide the big end while Jake pulled the chains on top.

It's getting there...the tip eventually was all the way up against the top beam at the peak with the windows.
A short espresso break before cutting the hole in the floor...

Then to lower the upright trunk down to the basement through the hole in the floor..

With the trunk finally in place, Sid gave Randy a big hug. After all the years of thinking and talking about it, the pole is in!

What a great work group, Randy, Jake, and Sid!

And here is the upper portion in the master bedroom upstairs.  Eventually there will be railing and the risers will be installed so we can quit climbing that ladder!


  1. That is an ambitious and amazing project! Wow!

    1. Ambitious is the word, Michelle. I'm just so relieved that it's installed and no one was injured. No property damage either, except for the first dolly they had it on when in came through the wall. That just snapped under the weight.

  2. Replies
    1. You're welcome Bonnie, thanks for checking out my blog.


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