Thanks for a great weekend at Shepherd's Harvest

I had a great weekend at Shepherd's Harvest last week.
Thanks to everyone who took my birdhouse class, your houses turned out great! I only wish we would have gotten a photo with all the birdhouses that were made. I will remember next time! I've hung two of mine outside and am waiting for the wrens to come back and start filling them up with sticks.

Thanks to everyone who stopped in my booth,  it was great to meet new friends and to see so many old friends. Even though there is never enough time to talk!
Rita and her triplets at 4 weeks old.
 The lambs are growing like weeds and I'm making the difficult decisions as to who will be for sale and who will be retained.
Godiva and her ram lamb at 2.5 weeks old. He's a little doll!
I used the electronet to let the ewes and lambs graze the backyard for the past couple days.
They got into some mischief with the rhubarb and my precious peach tree. But I don't think any permanent damage was done. Next time I'll reinforce my hog panels with T posts. 
Luna's ram lamb investigating the rhubarb.  I'm very tempted to keep this one for breeding, his fleece is so soft!
Flash inspecting the fire pit.

I really shouldn't breed the sheep anymore. Although I love the lambs, it adds a lot of extra stress to life before and after lambing, at weaning, etc. Since I sold my land with the hay fields, I will be buying hay again, so I want to just have a fiber flock of about 6-8 sheep. Soon my sales list will be posted. However, I've still got three Shetland ewes due to lamb after Memorial Day (it seemed like a good idea to run the whole flock together over the winter months but now I'm paying for it with late lambs).  Hopefully we'll get more bling from Jari, the Finn ram and the Shetland ewes.

I'm glad to have some time to create some new work for the gallery in Stillwater and get my planting done. This is my favorite time of year. I'm enjoying watching the leaves bud on the trees and the grass green up.  This Japanese stone cherry tree is a show stopper every spring.

The black hen has hatched 7 ducklings with one more working his way out of the shell now.

These two ducks are setting on a clutch of eggs too.
 For those of you not on FaceBook, the grey cat on the chair is Buddy.  He's the stray cat in my pole barn, except now he's hanging out by the house and he even cameIN this morning while I was on the deck with door open. My cats weren't so sure they liked that...
 Oh my, I find myself with three cats!  But I couldn't just let him go hungry last winter...


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