Flock Reduction

I will be drastically reducing my flock due to my husband's illness. He won't be able to go back to work for quite a while, so finances will be tight and he won't be able to help me with wrangling the sheep or bales anymore.

It's been very tough deciding to let my breeding lines go, but I will retain four BFL ewe lambs, 3 Shetland ewes and two ewe lambs, so I'll be ready to pick up again when things settle down.

I will try to get photos today of the individuals for sale.  But here is the list of what I've got to sell:
$200 each on the ewes and ram lambs. I am willing to work creatively if needed to get these sheep into good homes.

Registered Bluefaced Leicesters:
Beechtree Lanora - white ewe carrying color, 5 years old, good experienced mother, fine, lustrous fleecesale pending
Beechtree Rhyn - English Blue pattern ewe, 4 years old, good experienced mother with a heavier fleecesale pending
River Oaks Leora - white ewe carrying color, 3 years old, good experienced mother, fine lustrous fleecesale pending
River Oaks Rhisa - English Blue Pattern ewe, yearling, good experience mother, fine, light gray fleecesale pending
Ward Harwell - white ram carrying color, 2 years old, proven ram. VERY lofty, purley, lustrous fleece.sale pending
Also three reigisterable Bluefaced Leicester ram lambs, two white and one English Blue.sale pending

Registered Shetlands:
River Oaks Cleo, shaela gulmoget 2 year old single ewe out of River Oaks Hannah and Kimberwood Harrison, F3 Holly and other UK lines sale pending
River Oaks Freya, black gulmoget 2 year old twin ewe out of River Oaks Hattie and Kimberwood Harrison, F3 Holly and other UK lines
River Oaks Darla, solid black yearling twin ewe out of River Oaks Hannah and River Oaks Greyson,  F3 Holly and other UK lines sale pending
River Oaks Ginger, rich dark moorit yearling twin ewe out of River Oaks Hannah and River Oaks Greyson,  F3 Holly and other UK lines sale pending

Also have Buff Chantecler chickens available. $8 each

My bumper pull horse trailer will be for sale also.  It's a white 1986 WW, in good shape with good tires, including a spare.  Electric brake hook up. $1500

You can contact me by email: beckyutecht AT gmail DOT com (change the AT to @ and Dot to .)
Or phone me at 320-515-912nine (leave a message and I'll get back to you).


  1. Becky, So unhappy to read about your troubles. Take care of yourself, so you can be able to care for your hubby. Do any of your older girls have polled lines? I have one girl from Juliann, but I could use another one.

  2. Thanks Sharrie. Yes, I've been breeding for polled since 2007. All of the Shetland ewes listed should be poll carriers and some could even be full polls. Kimberwood Harrison has small button scurs and River Oaks Greyson had snail scurs. Sommarang Hansel and Little Red Oak Ash are smooth polled.

  3. Thanks, I'll take another look at the list. How is the temperament on the girls? The ewe I got from Juliann is soooo spooky. If I get another one, it has to be user friendly!!!

  4. I wish I had room for some of your poll-carrier girls! If the timing had been different, I very well may have had Garrett bring me back one or two, although I am very happy with the ones I got. I'm so glad you are able to keep a few, and will pray the others all find wonderful homes to continue your hard work.

  5. Thanks Michelle,I hope to breed 2-3 Shetlands to Hansel this fall. I just can't imagine NO lambs in 2012 and Shetlands are such easy lambers.
    Sharrie, Cleo, Darla, Ginger and Minnie are very friendly girls. Mia and Meggie haven't warmed up to me yet. I think I'll get some animal crackers and see if I can bring them around. Freya is still a little shy, but she accepts chin scratches.


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