A few photos of the ewes

Pregnant Freya grazing, April 2011

Freya with twins, center, Cleo on right
Thanks to everyone for the great response to my sheep sale.  All the Bluefaced Leicesters are spoken for, except for the ram lambs.

I only have a few ewes left for sale, 2 yr old River Oaks Freya, black gulmoget.
There is a possibility that River Oaks Ginger (moorit yearling) who lambed this spring, may be available also.  $200 each. Sorry I don't have better photos, hopefully I can get some soon.

Cleo on the left and Darla on the right.


  1. I'm curious as to why you call her shalea. She doesn't look shaela in the photo. -- stephen

  2. Hi Stephen, just goes to show that you can't tell everything just by looking at the photos. You really have to get up close and personal with a fleece. I call her a shaela because she has very fine silvery fibers up around her shoulders and neck. They are not Iset or AG fibers, she had them as a lamb, so does Freya's lamb.
    Rayna, Freya is out of Kimberwood Harrison, a polled black gulmoget.

  3. Just to clarify though, Freya is black - a nice rich black. Cleo is what I call shaela because of the fine silvery fibers in her fleece (and not the dusting areas).

  4. Most gulmogets get those silvery fibers on the shoulders and hind quarters or sides to some extent... it's part of the gulmoget pattern...not shalea. There have been a few born in north america that have solid sides. If it was shalea every colored area on the body would be an even shaela. I've been told they don't register the solid sided ones in the U. K.

  5. I know you've mentioned that little hear-say tidbit about solid sided gulmogets before Stephen and I find it very curious that the color and marking poster which is put out by the SSS clearly shows ONLY solid-sided gulmogets. And NASSA's description of the gulmoget pattern makes NO mention of side dusting. Wouldn't you think if side dusting was required for registration on the UK Shetlands it would be mentioned in some way or at the very least depicted on the pattern, color and marking poster they produce?
    Regardless, I prefer the solid-sided gullies myself. Freya has a slight bit of dusting up near her hips, and that didn't develop until after she turned 2 years old.


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