Updated the Sale Page

I've updated the sales page to include photos of the sheep we have for sale. So far it's rams and one ewe, but there will be more to add as time goes by.  I can't keep them all!

I've also added felting sheets to my fiber offerings.  The felting sheets make laying out fiber for felting go so much faster. They are made of Bluefaced Leicester and tencel or a Bluefaced Leicester/Shetland cross.  Very easy to felt and dye.

We're pretty much sold out of washable sheepskins, looks like I'll just have to make more of those felted fleece "sheepskins". :-)

Also, be sure and check out the KCAA blog about the upcoming watercolor workshop with Jeanne Carbonetti. I started working on it three years ago. I'm so excited that it's finally happening!


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