Latest Birdhouse...

I am excited about the felted birdhouses, I want to decorate them like eggs!  They are the same shape and I just can't resist.
The influence of the watercolor workshop got me going on a birchtree birdhouse.  I'd also like to do a birch tree wool painting.

Not sure if I'll let the birds have this one or not.  Here's what they did to the last one I put out.
I put rocks in the bottom (for extra weight and to keep the inhabitants dry) then added loose wool.  These birds obviously didn't want the wool, they preferred sticks.

My neighbor was excited about the bridhouses too. She and I did birdhouses together on Sunday.  She had never felted anything before.  The felting goes fast with the Karakul wool, but the houses get very firm and it's a bit hard on one's hands at the end. She came up with the brilliant idea to use a wooden darning egg to help shape it.  You can see my birchtree birdhouse looking like a vessel on the counter. I love taking photos of people with their felting projects and wet shirts. :-)

You may have noticed there is no hanger on this birdhouse.  I like the idea of using wire threaded through a large button inside the top of the house. Squirrels and other critters can't chew through wire like they could a felted cord. I might felt around the wire though...


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