Shetland lamb photos ...

Taking a moment to quickly post photos of the three gulmoget lambs that were born here in the past few days...all sired by Sommarang Hansel.
The newest addition is River Oaks Darla's petite little ewe lamb...
She's just what I wanted!

And here's River Oaks Camille's ewe lamb.  Being an F3 Minder, she's got that long birth coat. It doesn't mean her fleece won't be fine though.

Here's another shot of her and mom, she's very independent and causes her poor mom no end of worry.

And this is River Oaks Cleo's ram lamb, he is just the cutest and friendliest little polled guy! And that fleece is going to be NICE.  

Okay back to work finishing up the Shepherd's Harvest Booklet, it will be avialable for download from the website shortly!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! you got your moorit, gulmoget, ewe lamb! i'm looking forward to watching her grow...

  2. Gorgeous! Nothing like moorit gullies!

  3. pretty lambs, Becky. I think I am on the Shepherd's Harvest mail list twice...

  4. Thanks to everyone for the comments on the lambs. Shetland lambs are so much fun! Darla's moorit gulmoget lamb is very small and oh so precious. I'm keeping them jugged longer because I don't want her getting hurt. I also bought some milk replacer to supplement her because Darla has such a small bag, nothing like the usual around here. I'm thinking the alfalfa grass hay I've been feeding isn't as good as I thought it was.

    Gail, did you get two SH postcards? So did I! They hired out mailing the postcards this year and I wonder if there was some kind of mistake with list. I'm not on the planning committee any more, but I did the postcards and had them printed. I finished the booklet -- fingers are crossed as it goes to print!

  5. Oh my gosh, way too cute. I love the long baby coat on Camille's little lamb!


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