Monday, April 25, 2011

Firing up the Incubator/salvaged corn/bones for art

Tonight I put 6 Shetland goose eggs and 15 Buff Chantecler eggs in the incubator. The geese started laying eggs earlier this month.  Each goose lays an egg every other day. There were 8 eggs in the nest and I took six of them to check for fertility.  I have orders for goslings, so my fingers are crossed and I hope the girls keep laying.

As you can see, I don't use an egg turner.  I prefer to mark them with X's and O's and hand-turn them two to three times a day.  With waterfowl eggs, I make sure to mist them with water once a day.  I have a fan in my little incubator so I can hatch all sizes of eggs at the same time.  I'm hoping to see lots of fertile eggs when I candle them in about 3 days.

This morning the weather was beautiful.  Stan and I went over to pick up corn from the field before it gets tilled under and planted to alfalfa, orchard grass and oats.

It didn't take long for us to fill up a container with corn on the cob. We can always go back for more, but I wanted to check to make sure its safe to feed the sheep and birds. We tossed out the really moldy ears.

As long as we were there, we filled the truck with a load of small squares to feed the rams.
I also brought home a really cool cow spine and skull.  I want to use the spine with felt somehow.  It's so big and strong and very interesting.  


  1. I used to love hatching goslings in an incubator. They get so tame! My mother used to use goose egss to make homemade dinner rolls and said they were superior for baking to any other egg! :-)

  2. I love goose eggs for decorating too, so I've blown out quite a few in the past. I agree with your mom Stephen, they are excellent for baking.

  3. My two geese and their 14 eggs left for a new home last Wednesday night. I loved having them, but the were chasing my lambs out into the cold and rain.

  4. Good for you relocating them Kelly. I'm planning to sell all of mine after breeding season. They are penned near the rams and they get along pretty well together. The rams stand close to the fence and the geese pick at their neck wool.

  5. Good luck with the incubating, Becky. It's so been long since I've done that, and I miss it. I can't wait to see more pictures!


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