Rhyn's Twins

Rhyn's twin ewe lambs at 24 hours old. What a difference a day makes!

Here they are at birth last night.
I really lucked out with the temperature.  It was 31 degrees (above zero) when they were born and then the overnight low was 25 degrees.  So no heat lamps needed overnight. I did have one on during the lambing though. 

Rhyn did a super job.  Unlike her past three deliveries, she let the babies nurse right away. And they latched on quickly. For now I'm calling them Big Rita and Little Rita, reminiscent of two Ritas in our church when I was growing up.  They were sister-in-laws, the tall one was called Big Rita and the shorter one Little Rita.  Gosh, wouldn't it be awful to be known as Big (insert your name here)?  But the names seemed to fit these two since I always use R names with Rhyn's lambs.  If I offer them sale after weaning (I have enough natural colored BFL ewes) the buyers can choose proper names.
Next up is Hattie, my heart just goes out to the poor old girl who is carrying Shetland Mule lambs. She's been laying around a lot lately and her 2010 ewe lamb is always at her side. She's given me twin ewe lambs two years in a row, so I'm expecting ram lambs from her this year.  And I'd be happy with white ones.


  1. Ahh, aren't they pretty? I just LOVE the ears! Congrats!


    Keep the ewe lambs and sell their mom to me! Gas is expensive I need to add one when I pick up my chicks AND goslings from you :)

  3. We just had a local farmer get one of his ewes written up in the local paper. She's pure Suffolk and delivered quads! First time she's ever had so many, and they're all doing well. Keeping my fingers crossed Rhyn and the girls continue to do so as well. :)

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone. They are looking good so far, Little Rita was a bit of concern yesterday with shivering some, but she seems fine today. I can't believe it's already time to let them out of the jug.
    Garrett, you're right, I should keep one of these two because they have the Ward lines. Kelli, I love how the local papers write up the birth of quads and quints. I can't imagine having them come in litters like that!


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