Okay, I admit defeat!

Well I can't believe that I let my doubts get the better of me this morning. The temp was just below zero but the wind was so cold and coming from the east, right in the door of the chicken's barn.

Yes, I broke down and brought the broody hen into the basement. It's supposed to be cold today, tonight and tomorrow and then warm up quite a bit at the end of the week. One chick has hatched but the two others haven't even pipped yet. By candling the eggs I can see one of the unhatched chicks has broken into the air space and the other is still alive, so hopefully both will hatch soon in the next two days. Having them in the basement will allow me to keep a better eye on things. Yesterday the geese got into the broody hen's area while I was gone. Thankfully they must not have disturbed her too much.

But the pungent odor of a broody hen's daily poop is something that will make your eyes water. You certainly don't want that in your house!

I can't wait to see that chick though, so far I've only felt it's little legs under her. I just hope it's not half Salmon Faverolle. The rooster likes the old Salmon Faverolle hen and it was obvious that only one of the hens was laying fertile eggs. I've got six Buff Chantecler hens and I was hoping for Buff Chantecler chicks. Oh well, the feet will tell the story of who the mother is. Salmon Faverolles have 5 toes.

Update:  I heard some peeping from the basement just now.  So I ran down and I got to see the little one and snap the photo above.  It looks like a purebred Chantecler - haven't checked the feet yet.


  1. OH, how neat..........a mini hatch in Feb! Can't wait to see the little ones. pssst, I would have caved and brought them inside too.

  2. Thanks Kelly. They're only going to be inside for a few days. ;-)

  3. Nothing like having your blog buddies post a few baby pictures to get all of us anxious for our own. A welcome change from the air of intensity lately.

  4. Yes, chicken poo is very unpleasant, but the chicks are going to be so much fun! Sigh, the hen is so lovely!


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