Broody Buff Chantecler Hen

Patiently waiting....

Last time I saw her off the nest, she had nine eggs. That was over a week ago when I separated her from the rest of the flock.  She's setting so tight I wondered if she might be frozen solid in there. But when I put my hand in she growls so I know she's still alive.  Apparently she's eating and drinking the water I set out for her before it freezes up.

I haven't candled the eggs and I didn't start any backup eggs in the incubator.  I didn't want to hatch out more chicks than she can keep warm.  We'll just go with whatever she manages to hatch on her own. 

The hatch is due to begin on Jan. 29th.  Here's hoping that our one-eyed rooster isn't shooting blanks!  That can happen to a rooster if he gets a frostbitten comb.  The Chantecler breed was developed to be hardy in cold weather and they don't have large combs. Keeping my fingers crossed, it's been a long time since we heard the pitter patter of little chick feet around here. :-)


  1. I hope your lovely girl manages to hatch some babies for you! I've got EIGHT broody cochins setting on eggs now. I'm thinking I'll bring any chicks in as it's SOOOOO cold out there...

  2. So you don't let them keep their babies after all that work Nancy? I'm such a softy, I have been known to go out and BUY chicks for a broody with infertile eggs. :-)
    We've had winter chicks in the past and the mamas haven't had any problem keeping them warm out in the barn. I just hang a light over the chick waterer to keep it from freezing and the hen does the rest!

  3. Can't wait to see chick pictures. She's apparently quite dedicated, hope her patience & determination is rewarded!


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