Photos from the Midwest Felting Symposium

I had a great time again this year at the Midwest Felting Symposium in Madison, WI.  The symposium is put on by Susan McFarland of Susan's Fiber Shop.  She had a great line up of instructors form around the world again this year.  The things made in class were wonderful.

I didn't take a class this year which made me a little sad, but at least I was able to go and get inspired by seeing what others are doing by checking out the gallery and the style show on Saturday evening.

Here are some photos from the gallery:
Vilte Kazlauskaite's piece made with raw wool locks.

Here's a fabulous felted fish by Pam McGregor.
I loved this purse by Paige Garber, there was a bird on the other side.
And this wonderful jacket, I can't remember if it was done by Lizzy Houghton or Char Sehmisch from Germany.

And here are photos from the fashion show:
This lady made the top, the bag and the hat in classes she took. I'm pretty sure she dyed the silk scarf also. Nice work!

And check out this dress made and modeled by Vilte Kazlauskaite.  Leslie Sampson was co-emcee of the style show and you can see her in the background on the left wearing a felt coat with a very stunning embellished collar. 
And here is Vilte in another gorgeous dress (above).
A swing coat and hat by Lizzy Houghton (below).
and here's the back view of that coat.  Sorry the photos are so blurry, I couldn't use a flash due to the distance and the models were in constant motion.
And here's a beautiful top on Marlene Gruetner.

I wanted to see the rug stomp as I intend to do something similar at Sticks and Stones Art and Cultural event this fall, but there weren't enough children on hand to make it happen.  Susan graciously gave me instructions on how to do it.  Now I'm just hoping for warm weather that last weekend in September so I can have a successful rug stomp of my own.
One last piece by Vilte Kazlauskaite that was in the gallery.


  1. Oh what gorgeous pieces. I want those two dresses!!!!!!!
    Glad you had a good time, Becky. :)

  2. I hope to be able to go some year. I always enjoy seeing blog posts about the event. Great photos and looks like a splendid time! Thank you for sharing :0)

  3. Those dresses and coats are unbelievable! It's hard to grasp that they are actually hand made out of felt. Wow.

  4. what beautiful pics! thnx so much for sharing! so wishing I could have been there! I hope to come the next time though!! obviously it was a great time!!

  5. What a wonderful symposium, with so many 'felting rock stars' in attendance!! Lucky you!!

  6. I know Heather, it was really wonderful to be able to go and be inspired by all the felters' work. Sad that I didn't take a class though. I was very lucky to be able to attend 5 days of classes at the 2009 Symposium and I learned so much. Susan won't be having another Symposium until 2012. Can't wait to see who she lines up for that.


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