Some lamb photos..

Lanora's ram lamb, I'm thinking of naming him Gwynfor. He's got good blue coloring.  He's for sale since we have retained three of his sisters, $250.

Leonie's ram lamb at three weeks has horns coming in already. He's for sale too since he's related to all of our young ewes...

And this is Ebony, Lana's daughter...she's very heavy in the Roban Dillon and Holly lines as well as being an F3 Minder.

Even though she's the oldest of our Shetland lambs, she remains a compact little package. I think she's a nice looking lamb, still quite shy of people though.

And this is Hannah's ewe lamb, Rosie. She's the friendliest of our Shetland lambs. She looks exactly like her mother did as a lamb. But she reminds me of my all time favorite ewe, Cocoa.

And here is Hattie's grey ewe lamb.  I'm thinking of naming her Heddy after her grandmother.
I am so happy to get an Ag grey ewe!  Her twin sister is behind her on the left in the photo below.  She's a dainty little solid moorit. I'm thinking of naming her Ally after her grandmother's twin sister. 


  1. Nice looking lambs Becky!

  2. I was hoping for an Ag/grey lamb this year too! Isn't it funny how things come around? I'll settle for my little musket beauty. I look better in brown shades than grey, anyway.

    I remember Cocoa!

    Happy Memorial Weekend...

  3. Beautiful lamb crop Becky, I expecially like Ebony, she is a real looker!

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies!
    Sorry you didn't get a grey ewe lamb Nancy, but I know you've got some keepers and more to come. Cocoa lives down in Isanti now, and she the boss ewe at her new home. I still miss her!
    Juliann, Ebony stands out to me too. I hope she comes around to being friendly soon. I'd love to get a better look at her fleece. I'm wondering if she may actually be dark brown.

  5. Very pretty lambs, Becky. I like Ebony too! Are some of the ewe lambs potentially polled?

  6. Yes Sabrina, all of the ewe lambs are potentially polled. Their sire is River Oaks Greyson, who has small snail scurs. The breeding of Lana to Greyson (resulting in Ebony) was line breeding as they are half brother and sister (button scurred black gulmoget, Kimberwood Harrison, is their sire). I'm pretty sure that Hannah is a half poll because her twin ram lambs out of fully horned Windswept Boggart had aberrant horns. I'm not sure about Hattie because she has produced a nicely horned ram, but her daughter Lucy is a proven poll carrier. Her daughter Leonie is not. I'll probably just use Leonie for crossbred market lambs in the future.


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