Flea Market & Auction Buys

I'm supposed to be getting ready to do The First Annual Swede Hollow Plein Air Arts Fest in St. Paul, MN this weekend, but I keep finding other things to do.

Look what I got at the auction today for $5!  It started with the basket for $1, I figured my wool goods would look nice in it.

But then I went for the counter stool and the two kitchen chairs, and I jumped at the chance to get the rattan chair too.  $1 each!  I had to take two VCRs that were on the counter stool but fortunately, someone else took them off my hands. And I agreed to take the matching backless counter stool. 

At Shepherd's Harvest I realized I needed an old fashioned wooden clothes drying rack to display my washable pelts, I remembered that a guy who makes them often comes to the Pine City Flea Market. So I made it a point to head over there this morning and he was there.  So I bought the biggest one he had, in this photo it's not fully extended.

They are very sturdy, yet lightweight and they fold up for storage.  Just what I need for when I do shows!

It was a warm afternoon so I filled up the goose pool...
Notice that someone is missing here?  The little white headed goose is setting on eggs!
No, the eggs are not fertile.  Just like the books say, the ganders aren't fertile their first year.  I found that out when I put several eggs in the incubator (including a double yolker).  I'll just pick up some large breed ducklings to tuck under her in a couple weeks and she'll be happy.

Here are a couple of my favorite hens...The independent California White who comes running to follow me when I go outside.
And the old Salmon Faverolle. I got her and her daughter at the auction last year, they are good layers and I was hoping they'd go broody for me sometime. 
Speaking of the auction, remember these cool hay feeders I got last year? 
Above is the small version and below is the wider version.  I like the wider version because it doesn't tip over.  I've tied the small one to the T-post to be safe.
I love them! I talked to the guy who makes them and he said it would be okay if I posted his contact info here on the blog.  His name is Steve and his phone number is 320-496-0931.  These are VERY reasonably priced.  But they are not sealed so I wouldn't leave them outside.

And here's a shot of the pond we had dug a few weeks ago.  It's not very attractive yet, and it's got a long way to go, but already the water is starting to collect in it.
Okay, now off to see how my garden tilling is coming along...so many distractions this time of year!


  1. Nice pictures and stories, Becky. I haven't read blogs much lately, didn't even see your shepherd's Harvest blog till tonight. I'd have looked for you. Did it go well?
    Love the look of your feeders, by the way.

  2. Hi Gail, yes Shepherd's Harvest went surprisingly well. There were 170 vendors in the buildings and it was my first time as a vendor so I didn't have high expectations. The first day the roving and combed top went the best, the second day it was more the lotion and soaps. I will definitely do it again next year. I was able to slip away to power shop just before the end of the festival and that's when I saw your roving in the Northern Lights booth, but I missed you. It was a busy weekend! I read on your blog that you did very well selling roving too.


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