Lana's lamb - her name came to me this morning - she will be Ebony.

Rhisa sleeping

Life has been so busy around here this week! In addition to lambing, we had a stock pond dug out in the 20 acre pasture of our Ogilvie land on Thursday.  I haven't seen it yet.  Hopefully I can get over there this afternoon. We'll need lots of rain to fill it up. Then on Friday we had some fill brought in to level out the paddock south of pole barn here.  We used all of our precious aged compost as topsoil over the fill - I should have saved some for my planters.

As long as we had all the big machinery here, we also had the pole barn cleaned out.   So that meant booting all the sheep out for the day. And it was a beautiful sunny day.
Hannah found that a twin can come in handy as a pillow when mom's tired. She did a good job of keeping her babies out of the wind. They had a great time later joining in the lamb races.

The sheep waste a lot of hay over the course of the year and it really builds up.  Here is a shot of the barn prior to the excavation work. That's my California White hen, she's so independent. She has a nest spot on the hay pile and sometimes even spends the night in the ewe's barn.  None of the other chickens go over there but her.  It's so funny how she always comes running up to me whenever I go outside. She knows I'll let her back in the little barn with the other hens -- and the chicken feed.

Shachah has to take 10 pills a day for 28 days to treat the anaplasmosis. I bought these pill pockets from the vet and they work great! Worth every penny.  I need to get another package to finish out the last two weeks of treatment.  I just put the 5 pills inside and seal it up and he eats it up.  They must taste great because the cat has tried to eat them and Ozzie swooped in and stole one before Shachah got to eat it.  I was worried Ozzie would get sick, but he was just fine.  I have to give Shachah his second Lyme vaccination and distemper too. Not looking forward to that...
And yesterday afternoon was my last day working in the deli!  I will miss all my friends there, but I will NOT miss wearing that awful black beret -- how unflattering can you get?  I will spend more time on my felting and fiber and hopefully lose some weight.  I never realized how good all that deli food tastes until I started working there and buying it.

Oops, I almost forgot, I found the first Shetland goose egg this morning!  It was laying in the mud, and I put it in the nest. I hope that means more to come.  Maybe I should separate my pairs. Although I can't tell the ganders apart, so I don't know who should go with who...


  1. I love that photo of Hannah resting on her lamb.

    And congratulations on your first Shetland Goose egg. Do you plan to hatch some out? I'm very curious about this breed of goose. I'd love to see and hear a bit more about them in a post. (when you have the time, of course.)

  2. Hi Sabrina, thanks for giving me the hint to post more about the geese. I will hatch out some eggs if they are fertile. From what I've read, the ganders aren't fertile the first year. But from what I've seen, they don't know that! LOL

  3. Nice farm tales, Becky. Thanks for the stories. I hope you enjoy your time away from the deli. It's spring and there is much to do!

  4. Thanks for stopping by and reading these tales Gail. You're right, there is SO much to do at this time of year. I am enjoying my time away from work, but I feel a little quilty about leaving my co-workers at this busy time of year. I subbed one day at school last week and then they called me to sub for the next three days! I had to say no because it's going to be hard enough getting ready for Shepherd's Harvest this weekend.


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