Growing lamb photos

I had a whole day at home yesterday. I spent some time with my flock in the afternoon. It was a beautiful July afternoon, I should have chopped thistles in the pasture or cleaned out the chicken pen, but I chose to take some photos of the lambs and ewes instead. :-)
Above is a photo of River Oaks Sebastian, Ag grey ram lamb at age 12 weeks. He's 50% UK (F2 Minder, F3 and F4 Dillon, and F5 Holly).
Definitely a half poll. I'm hoping his horns stay small like this. I'd like to use him on my Holly ewe line, RO Hannah, RO Leonie, and maybe his older half sister RO Lana.Above is a shot of his great little tail,I hope you can see it, the photo is rather dark. I've included another shot of it below with RO Freida's tail shot.

Here's my favorite ewe lamb, and Sebastian's twin sister, Camille. What a sweetie. Bramble Cordelia really gave me some nice lamb this year. I'm planning to retire her now.

I'm also planning to retire River Oaks Hattie, she gave me these two ewe lambs, Freida in front and Freya in back. Notice the funny coloring on Freida's back leg. At first I thought is was just dust or dirt, but it hasn't gone away. You can see it in the photo below too. I wonder if Freida may be modified.Here's shot of Freya showing how solid sided she is...
This is RO Leonie's black ram lamb - as yet unnamed. His horns are starting to grow at age 10.5 weeks. But I'm pretty sure he's a half poll too.
He's got a bit longer tail that I hope he will grow into...if he does, he will be for sale.
Last but not least, here's a shot of our two BFL ram lambs, Devlyn on the left and Doulan on the right. Devlyn is for sale too.


  1. Awesome tails and rears on your lambs. Those are *some* of the things that I am trying to work on in my flock. Nice lambies!

  2. Loooooove Camille! Beautiful lambies you have! :)

  3. Beautiful lambs, Becky! I love the grey 'purse' on Sebastian! I'd say that Cordelia has certainly earned her retirement!

    Freya is simply stunning! Her color/markings are awesome and she looks SO feminine and refined! Wouldn't it be awesome if she stays that solid???

  4. Thank you for sharing! My husband and I really enjoyed looking at photos of your precious lambs :)

  5. Thanks ladies! Nancy, I thought that little "purse" was so cute too.
    Shalana, thanks for stopping by my blog. All the best to you as you await the birth of your new baby. How exciting!


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