Honest Scrap

Well, Sabrina bestowed the Honest Scrap award to this blog, so I guess I can play along with 10 honest statements since some people actually enjoy reading that kind of stuff.

I will skip the part that requires naming seven other award recipient blogs.

Okay, here goes:

#1 - I was born the fifth of eight children. Being in the middle like that, I always have been able to fly under the radar and pretty much make my way quietly through life without being too noticeable.

#2 - I have never really cared for the warm colors like yellow, orange, and red. I'm more of a blue, green, purple fan.

#3 - I have been eating lots of spinach lately. And I found a volunteer spinach plant in the garden! :-)

#4 - I got the test results back from my recent surgery and they are NORMAL. Yeah!

#5 - I've made friends with two of my three gulmoget ewe lambs so far. Camille (the Ag gullie) has the nicest fleece! It's going to be the longer and wavy type like her mom's, and it's oh so soft! I am definitely keeping her. Her 10 year old mother, Bramble Cordelia, will be retired or culled this summer.

#6. River Oaks Hattie will be culled this summer too. She has given me some of the best lambs ever born here. But she has a bum foot that isn't going to get better. I plan to keep at least one of her daughters, Leonie (a modified moorit from 2008), Freya (black gulmoget from 2009) or Freida (black from 2009).

#7. The Shetland goslings are the greatest little troopers! They quickly caught on how to go up and down the two steps to the garage to get outside. They stay VERY close to me whenever I let them out of their pen. I hear the pitter-patter of their webbed feet and watch them tumble over each other to stay close to me. They have such tiny little wings! They are good foragers and have pretty strong beaks already. I'll try to post a video in a later entry.

#8. I remembered why I shouldn't hold the goslings on my lap and let them snuggle into the folds of my shirt. It was something warm and wet and very gross that reminded me.

#9. I have to limit my time on the computer so I can get more things done around here.

#10. I am having a great time at this stage of my life!


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