Chicks, Polled rams, and names at last!

I spent Memorial Day weekend with an eye on the incubator. The chicks I was incubating for a friend hatched and I sent them on their way Monday. I screwed up the humidity and lost 6 at the hatch. So I gave them all to Pierre, including the cute little Polish chicks. Now we've got what's left of the goslings pipped in the bator. I think only three eggs are still alive. I hope I can get them all through the hatch. There's nothing worse than ONE gosling. They get way too attached to humans in that case.

I finished the table runner wedding gift today and also a nuno-felt scarf. I love them both! I'm going to get more scarves done for my booth this summer at the Majestic Pines Arts Festival in Nisswa, MN.

Here are shots of my two Shetland ram lambs' heads so far. Cordelia's ram lamb is four weeks old today, and he still looks pretty smooth on top.And Leonie's ram lamb is 2.5 weeks old and same story, smooth so far. I sure hope they stay that way. But I know it's not real likely...
Now, check out Bo's horns, could they be aberrant? They are slow growing, but plenty wide and they seem firm enough. But if he carries a polled gene, I could use him on my gulmoget ewe lambs to increase the length of their fleeces. I prefer an intermediate Shetland fleece to a very short stapled, fine crimpy one.
And I've thought up names for my four Shetland ewe lambs.
Hattie's twins are Franci...And Freya...Cordelia's Ag gulmoget ewe lamb is Camille...And Hannah's gulmoget ewe lamb is Cleo...the lighter areas on her side are red-brown tips, I'll keep watching how she develops this year.Oh and here's our version of a creep area for the lambs.
This is Derra and her two 3/4 BFL ram lambs trying to figure out how to get in there.


  1. I've been WAITING to see someone's idea for a creep feeder, thank you! And adorable little ram lambs. Fingers crossed for tiny or no-horns.

  2. I love how wide your lambs are in the front (and back). Very nice!
    Yes, good luck to the polled boys staying that way for you. They look so good.

    White Pine Arvada-here at my farm-is a yearling and has slow growing horns. At least they were slow to start with. And they look similar to Bo's. Sort of similar to Nancy's original Zorro. Arvada is perhaps a half-poll through his dam. That is what I'm hoping anyway. I'll try to post something on him soon so you can take a look.

    Such a pretty scarf too. Your wool items are always so so beautiful!

  3. I love the blue scarf, it's absolutely beautiful. And the gulmogets are just great!


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