Our First Purebred Shetland Lambs of 2009!

This is what I found when I went out to feed the sheep this morning.
Woo-hoo, both are EWE lambs! Well-fed sturdy ewe lambs. :-))) Sired by polled gulmoget Kimberwood Harrison. Dam is River Oaks Hattie, an F2 Holly.

Ten year old Bramble Cordelia (F1 Minder) is in labor now too....

I just came back in for towels to help wipe off Cordelia's lambs. I went back to see Cordelia licking off an Ag grey ram lamb (with flat spots where the horn buds would be) and then she turned around and delivered a black gulmoget EWE lamb right in front of me.

The ewe lamb count is finally catching up with the ram lambs...7 boys and 6 girls!


  1. That black/gulmoget ewe lamb is stunning!!

    I hate that so many people are breeding for polled! It's limiting who I can buy lambs from!

    On the other hand, I know that there is a great market for polled Shetlands and I don't blame you ~ it's just that you keep teasing me with these beautiful babies that just won't fit into MY breeding program...

    I guess it's too much to ask that all Shetland breeders breed according to what I want?


    Congratulations on the beautiful lambs and on finally getting some GIRLS!!

  2. oh congrats on the ewes! I definitely need to find me a gulmoget ram....as the last two gulmogets ewes here are holding out with their lambs and I'm afraid they'll be katmogets or solids :(


    photos of Cordelia's lambs please!!

  3. Thanks you guys! I'm so happy to get some Shetland ewe lambs this year. Nancy, I truly do appreciate the looks of those big beautiful Shetland horns too. But when I started breeding the BFL's that's when I decided polled Shetlands would be in my future. Right now we have a horned Shetland ram and he's so nice, I'm tempted to keep him around and see how he develops. I guess as long as he gets along with the polled boys he can stay. :-)


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