'da Boys - fleece shots

Our shearing is scheduled for March 18th, so I wanted to get some shots of the sheep in full fleece. The weather was great this weekend and I got a few photos of my ram pen. I am very happy with how well my rams and wether get along. It's nice to just have one pen of boys and a pen of ewes.

Here are all four of our boys, Shetland Mule wether, Socks, is in front, with his natural colored BFL dad, Granite directly behind him. Oh the left is our Ile de France/Dorset ram lamb, Peppy, and on the right is River Oaks Bo, our Shetland ram lamb.

Granite's fleece, upper back/shoulder area...

Socks' fleece - wow!

Bo's fleece, very soft, really not as gray as it appears here. I think he's actually fawn, not moorit.

The three intact boys, Granite, Bo and Peppy.

Size comparison of Bo (9 month old Shetland) and Granite (2 year old BFL). Notcie the Ag-like coloration of Granite's face. There is a lot of variation on the natural colored BFL's -- our natural colored BFL ewes are much darker overall.

Cute faces on Bo and Peppy, both were summer, 2008 lambs.


  1. Beautiful fleeces! I am considering hand-shearing my flock this year...not sure how that's going to go!

  2. What handsome boys and gorgeous fleeces!


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