Chicks are here!

Our 35 chicks are here. I ordered 30 Jumbo Cornish Crosses and two California Whites (for white eggs), two Gold Sex-links (for brown eggs) and one Ameraucana (for green eggs).

I started them off in the basement in a wading pool for a few days. I had them out in the sunshine this afternoon until it started to sprinkle. And now they are out in the barn in a dog crate. Not coming back in the house, it's amazing how fast those little buggers can stink up the place!

The three adult hens we already had are keeping us nicely stocked with fresh eggs. That makes me very happy. But I think they need a rooster. One of the ladies has started to crow in the morning. ;-)


  1. TOO funny! Are you sure she's a she???


  2. LOL Nancy, yes, we're sure she's a "she". We get three eggs a day out of three hens. I've had this happen before, it's actually fairly common. I thought it was linked to an ovarian problem, but all my girls are laying well, so they shouldn't have hormone problems. I'll probably just pick up a good looking rooster somewhere and see if that makes them feel better. ;-)

  3. I have a big black hen who does the same thing (in spite of the fact I do have a rooster!). Her attempts to crow and do the big wing flap are quite commical, but she gives it her all. :-) I guess she hasn't heard the old saying: "A whistling woman and a crowing hen always come to some bad end". Ha. Your chicks are cute, and you are so right--the stink! whew..


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