Spots anyone?

Well, I think it's safe to say that BFL's can sire spots! Check out our spotted BFL/Shetland cross babies for 2008...

Mabeline's ram lamb front and back view... also above. He's very friendly like his mom.

Black head markings, socks and tail. ;-) What a cutie and his fleece is going to be crimpy!

And here's his sister, with black head markings, socks, and tail too. I think she'll have longer fleece.

And here's Cocoa's ram lamb, front and back...

And Jasmine's krunet ram lamb...he's really very black with little white eye spots and one under his chin too.

And we can't have a post without including a shot of Lanora's ewe lamb, I'm thinking of calling her Leora, and there's Cocoa's ram lamb in the background. The BFL lamb seems like a little pony among the other lambs. What long legs she has!

And this is a photo from last week showing how big our yearling Shetland Mule's 3/4 BFL ram lamb was at birth. Now that's a big lamb! I didn't weigh him until the next evening and he was 13 lbs. then.


  1. What stunning lambs, Becky! I love the black/yuglet/flecket markings with the black stockings!

    You have been mighty busy!!

  2. Thanks you guys. They sure are fun to watch. Michelle, you're right -- ouch! Next year I don't plan to breed any ewe lambs.
    I think I may have to keep that little guy with the black stockings as a fiber pet. He is Ag, so the body spots will lighten, but I think the head, legs and tail will stay dark. I really don't know what to expect with the BFL influence though.


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