Our First Purebred BFL lamb and more crosses

We've been busy around here yesterday and today! Lanora delivered our first BFL ewe lamb yesterday. It was a tough delivery with one leg back, but we all made it through in the end. Lots of panic ensued(for me) in the meantime and I even had an emergency vet on the way. I've never had to assist like that before. Fortunately we got the baby out and cancelled the vet. Mother and baby are doing fine this morning.

While talking on the phone this morning, I noticed on the barn cam what looked like Jasmine nursing a little black lamb just outside the barn door. Sure enough, when I got out there I found this nice black krunet BFL/Shetland cross ram lamb following his mom like an old pro. I jugged them and clipped and dipped. That's the way I like lambing!

And it looks like Mabeline, the widest ewe of them all, starting to labor in the corner of the barn across from the barn cam. I hope all goes well. I'm still hoping to get a colored mule lamb to retain for breeding and Mabeline is my last hope. We've gotten two white mules and two colored crossbred ram lambs. I love the coloring on the crossbred ram lambs and sure hope to see it on a ewe lamb this year. Fingers are crossed! ;-) Photo above is Mabeline 5 days ago, and the one below was taken this morning. I think she's finally ready to go!


  1. Grats on the BFL ewe lamb! Very cute...I think my girls are getting ready to pop...Peoney looked to be nesting a little today, but no signs of labor...I think her and Dana will be the first to go...:)


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