Finally some ewe lambs!

Cordelia had a single fawn katmoget ram lamb (above and below) yesterday which brought the purebred Shetland lamb count up to FOUR ram lambs and ZERO ewe lambs. She's 10 years old so a single is probably good for her. Isn't he a cutie?

Thankfully Hattie broke the ram streak by delivering a little moorit ewe lamb about 5:00 a.m. today. I went out to check on them about 5:30 because I couldn't get back to sleep after checking the barn cam and seeing nothing happening. Well Hattie was delivering outside. The ewe lamb was very cold. I fixed up another jug and brought them inside. Then Hattie delivered a BIG black ram. No more, just the two. They are both doing fine. I'm hoping the black one will turn out to be a dark brown eventually.

Sorry I don't have a better photo of them to share...but this ewe lamb is in front and her brother is in back here.

After clipping, dipping and stripping Hattie's lambs, I went in to make some coffee and noticed that Elsa was in labor right in view of the barn cam. I watched her on the barn cam and then headed out to start fixing up yet another jug. I was able to witness the birth of her two Shetland Mule lambs (both white EWE lambs!).

They were so vigorous and noisy compared to all the purebred Shetlands. Talk about hybrid vigor! Mabeline has huge bag so I'm sure these girls will fill in quickly. They look so tall and thin don't they? Oh, the fleece on these two! It's going to be NICE.

Now I need a nap. My only other possible triplet candidate is Mabeline. I will be so relieved when she delivers. Then I'll start worrying about the BFL ewes. ;-)


  1. That little fawn, katmoget boy looks like he has really lustrous fleece! Congratulations on lots of healthy babies! It looks like you've got a really nice set up with your new barn. Lots of room for individual jugs ~ and a BARN CAM? You've come a long way, baby!!!


  2. Thanks Rayna and Nancy.
    Yes, we've all come a long way since 2001, haven't we Nancy? :-)
    The barn cam wasn't all that expensive and it sure gives peace of mind. But if they lamb outside, it's of no use. Fortunately, four of the six ewes who have lambed have been in front of the camera.
    But yes, I'm spending $$ this year. I just ordered myself an Udderly EZ Milker. One of Elsa's crossbred lambs couldn't find the teat until last night - at over a day old! The BFL side of them makes them look way up high and Elsa's huge bag was down low. So I had to supplement one of her lambs for the first 24 hours until she finally caught on. What a pain! Thankfully both Elsa's lambs are now nursing and doing fine. They are so cute! I can't wait to see the lamb photos on your blogs (Nancy and Rayna) too!

  3. Beautiful photos, Becky, and your barn setup looks so clean and well-lit--
    I'm glad you are having fun watching the babies come.

  4. Nice photos, Becky! Gee, can I rub your head for luck? We just started lambing and got started off with two huge ram lambs. I've talked and talked to Skittles, but he just won't listen! LOL!
    Hope all continues to go well.

  5. Thanks Kathy and Gail. Rest assured, my barn needs cleaning badly. After shearing and with the awful weather since, the girls have spent a lot of time inside. We would have cleaned it all out, but when it got nice enough there was mud, etc. and we didn't want to do lots of driving in and out.
    Oh Kathy, you need to rub Becca's head for luck! She's running 3:1 ewes to rams this year. That's what we had last year and it was so much fun having ewe lamb after ewe lamb born.


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