New Chickens and snow

I picked up three pullets yesterday. They are five months old and just starting to lay. My friend Denise's daughter got them at the State Fair when she worked in the Miracle of Birth Center. Unfortunately they were visited by a weasel the other night. I got the three surviving pullets -- two Leghorns and a Black Australorp. Yay, no more store bought eggs for us!

We had some snow today. Here's a shot of the Baby doll wethers in the snow. And below is a shot of River Oaks Hannah, doesn't she look round already?


  1. She does look round! None of mine seem to look pregnant yet except Anna Belle (I call her just Anna) She seems quite a bit larger, and her fleece isn't even as long as the others because I sheared her late.
    I'm starting to get excited about lambing. :) So fun to think about what I might get.
    Have a great day.

  2. I just remembered, Hannah's mother was Bramble Hetty, the one who looked so huge for weeks before she and her sister were born. So maybe it's genetic. Hannah is a single coated dark moorit, her fleece isn't terribly long either. My BFL ewes are looking pregnant too. I'll have to get more photos. Yes, it's fun to think of lambing and all the possibilities.

  3. I didn't know that you didn't have any chickens left. I'm still getting an egg or two a day from my little Silkies!

    I noticed, yesterday, that Flash Flood is looking really round too. I wonder if she'll have triplets this year. Then again, I tell myself it's GOT to just be her wool ~ we've got 2 and a half months before lambing!!


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