Bearded Blue Silkies/BFL's

I'm like a kid in a candy store now that I can upload my photos again! Here's a shot of the four Bearded Blue Silkies I got at an auction in early July (yes, one is actually black). I don't know what sex they are yet, it looks like one rooster for sure. I haven't heard any crowing yet. They are very tame little birds, probably because they can't see very well with all that fuzz on their heads. I kept them separate from the laying flock and they are trained to follow me to a separate pen every morning. That has got to stop pretty soon.

I put Rhyn in with the ewe flock yesterday. She is almost as big as our yearling BFL ewe, Lanora. She promptly managed to get stung by a bee, right on the nose. It swelled up quite a bit, but she was fine otherwise. I felt bad for the poor girl, she already was distraught over being separated from Granite and having to deal with some of the older ewes who aren't real friendly to newcomers in the flock. Granite is shown below next to our yearling BFL ram, Dougal. I didn't realize there was such a size difference until I saw them side by side. There was some head butting while these two worked out their pecking order, but it wasn't bad at all. Rhyn kept calling to Granite, I think she was the most upset of the two. The natural colored BFL's are so beautiful and graceful out on the pasture. And that fleece!

Recently I've seen some tests on people's blogs. Bill Stearman had, "What Dog Breed are You?" on his. I'm a Golden Retriever, I guess. And Nancy Krohn had, "What Tarot Card are You?" on hers. I'm Strength, whatever that means. I noticed the word "obstinancy" in the description along with something about a maiden opening (and closing) a lion's mouth....hmmmm.


  1. Those bearded silkies are SO cute! How are their eggs? I'm thinking I might have to get some chickens again, next year....


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