No DSL for me

Darn, we can't get DSL after all! We were all set to go until the technician came out, and after trying for about an hour, he said the signal was too weak and we wouldn't be able to get DSL here. So now I have to return the modem and go back to the same old dial up connection.

But I'm not complaining when others are having much worse problems. Poor Mary Ellen down in Missouri is dealing with torturous heat and a big cat problem. She's lost a few sheep already. I hope she's able to get that cat real soon.

We have a broody hen! I was just thinking last week how nice it would be to get some chicks or turkey poults again like last year. Then I remembered I'd need a broody to do the raising. I don't have time for heat lamps and all the work that goes with new chicks. Well just days later, one of my hens went broody, the same one who raised those turkey poults last fall. Yes!
Now I just have to keep her broody until I get her some babies to raise...she's got a golf ball to set on now.

Well, I've got to get back to work getting everything ready for this weekend's trip to MFF. I can't wait to see my natural colored BFL's in person for the first time on Sunday morning. And I'm really looking forward to all the fun things to do at MFF. It should be a great time!


  1. Sorry to hear you won't be able to get DSL. I live in the middle of nowhere, and was surprised to learn I would be able to get it. I live within 2 miles of the substation box thingie so that made me eligible. Anyhoo, for about the first three weeks it was horrible. The technician spent about a total of 9 hours at my house/vicinty. I think if he had been a less determined soul I wouldn't have gotten it. Then I blew out two modems in a row. (Frowned upon I take it!) I was able to resolve that issue with a super duper power strip. The tehnician guy just said that it was really hard to get the DSL going because they were using new technology on old equipment. I do have DSL for the moment though and am very happy. I wish it would have worked out better for you.
    Tammy, who also lives in hot, dry Missouri! (but so far doesn't have any big cats around!)

  2. Have fun at MFF, Becky! I wish I could go. Tell everyone I said "Hi"!

    Nancy ~ stuck with Dial Up in the Bluff Country....

  3. I finally got fixed wireless; I FEEL for you still stuck with dial-up! I don't know how I managed to operate my business (sending graphics files back and forth) that way for years....


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