Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A few photos...

It's been a while since I've written anything here. The graduation open house that occupied all my time is history now and I've been enjoying the summer and the sheep.

Here's a photo of Geronimo, one of our 4 ram lambs born this year. He's so cute -- his face reminds me of a little burrow. His horns are pretty small compared to the other three ram lambs and he is unregisterable with NASSA, so we decided to wether him. He would make a wonderful fiber pet or companion for another sheep. He's a very friendly little guy and he's got a great crimpy fleece that will turn a cream color as he matures.

And this is the black BFL ewe lamb I will be getting from Brenda Lelli this summer. Isn't she gorgeous? I'm so excited to be adding her to my flock!

Here's a photo of our little Dot at just one day old. She found a nice shady spot to sleep while her mother grazed in the background - it was a hot day. She's getting so big already - two weeks old now. She makes a nuisance of herself with the older lambs who are now pretty interested in grazing rather than racing with her.

In the last photo, she's relaxing with her older half-sister Delia.


  1. That Geronimo IS a handsome fellow! Looks like he and the polled/scurred ram lamb I'm getting will be the same color. Didn't really want a Ag sire, but if everything else is great, I won't hold his color against him. :-)

  2. Thanks Michelle, I used an Ag Katmoget ram this year and got three musket lambs from him. I was hoping for some nice grey lambs..we did get a beautiful grey katmoget ewe, so I'm thankful for that. Next year I'll use him on more BB ewes. He's a nice ram with great conformation and he's RR AA to boot.
    And I'm not complaining about the musket lambs, that color roving usually sells very well.
    Does your polled/scurred guy carry Aa too?


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