A few more Kitten photos, 6-7 weeks old

Here are a few more shots of the kittens. They are ready to go to new homes now that they are 7 weeks old.

I broke up the ram's breeding groups this morning and the ewes were so happy to be back together. The ewe lambs were hopping and having races. The boys on the other hand, were busy establishing dominance with each other. So far no serious injuries, but there was some nasty headbutting between Donder and Boggart. Donder won out, but Boggie knows he's still up there and is letting all the others know it too.
Thankfully we had some warm weather today and yesterday. I was finally able to get my electronet taken down with the help of lots of buckets of HOT water. Oh what a relief that is! Memo to self, don't use electronet in breeding groups next year. And don't have four breeding groups again!


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