Updated my website

Yumm, that farm fresh turkey was SO good! We had a great Thanksgiving visiting both sides of the family and I didn't have to cook or clean. However, since we had that homegrown turkey on hand, I cooked it up on Saturday and it was so tender and delicious! I'm going to see if I can get more of those turkeys next year...
Breeding season is well underway and I've had to resort to electronet to keep Donder out of Bombarde's group. Bombarde has turned into quite a nice ram and is so good with his ewe lambs. Boggart's hanging in there, but he's been bashing at the woven wire when I come around with their rations for the day.
Dougal scoured quite badly for two days. At first I thought it was due to the pumpkin I gave them after Thanksgiving, but I wormed him just in case. And I'm doing a coccidiosis water treatment too.
I wanted to post photos of the kittens, but I guess I didn't transfer them onto the hard drive yet. I can't get up because I have a lap full of sleeping kittens. They are just adorable, especially when they're sleeping.
I worked all day yesterday revamping my website, I wanted to include our BFL's on it and the fact that I'm now a Louet dealer. My first order arrives on Wednesday! I'm so excited. I ordered the new Victoria, but they were sold out until January, so that's when mine will arrive. Now I hear the January shipment is sold out too and the next batch won't be available until March. Just think, that will be close to lambing!


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