Fall is here...some photos

Our kitty is getting bigger every day. I think the kittens are due around October 22nd.

We had our first snowfall this morning, here's a shot of the deck and my poor petunia.

Yesterday was nicer, I took this shot of Donder with one of the three remaining turkeys. Those turkeys are the coolest things! The rams don't seem to mind at all having the turkeys roost on their backs. Yes, I do watch for turkey droppings in their wool, only once did I find some. You can see in this photo that Donder is holding his head back for the turkey to pick VM out of the wool on his head. And you can also see that Donder has filled out and looks like he's about to drop twins himself. I hope he's not too heavy for breeding this fall.

Here's a shot of our oldest ewe, Bramble Gillian. She's 9 years old and has such an inquisitive look about her. She's a moorit ewe, but I've noticed a small white spot on her nose this fall. Her 4 year old daughter Diana, also a moorit, has a matching one. Interesting...


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