Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Today's the day!

The big day has finally arrived! Our new pole building goes up today. Above you can see the cleared area in relation to our house. It's pretty close so I won't have far to go when doing chores and lamb checks.

The workers are out there now putting in the posts for our new building (below). The sheep all went out to the back of the electronet enclosure, but now they've returned for water despite all the commotion and machinery. The weather forecast is for rain today, but the sun is shining and now and the guys are shirtless already.

Below is a shot of Amber and Abby, Cordelia's twins who will be going to live south of the Twin Cities after weaning this summer. These two are so friendly. Amber, the musket in front just wouldn't leave Bill alone when he came out to look at lambs, so she sold herself. They are 25% UK and sired by Windswept Boggart, so they are pretty nice lambs. I added another shot of Abby so you can get a better look at her too. She's got a very nice fleece and what a face.

We're almost out of hay so I have to run up to the auction at noon. I'm hoping to have Rayna and her mom out today to look at some of the other sheep for sale too. And I really should be fixing up my house for the graduation Open House on the 10th. But the lambs and fleeces and sheep keep calling for my attention...

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