Sunday, November 28, 2021

Norwegian Skinnfell Traps


I got to use my new wood blocks from fjellform  Norway this week. They are such beautiful blocks!

I made this  chair cover (trap) using six of the eight blocks I bought. 

The printing is the fun part, the measuring, cutting and stitching is the work part. But the result is so worth the effort!

I'm making some large traps and some small chair pad sets this week. I will put some in my Square shop soon.

Monday, November 15, 2021

Felted Rugs!


I took an online class taught by Flora Carlile-Kovacs on rug making with pre-felts in traditional motifs. Thanks to the Minnesota Feltmakers Guild for hosting this class.

I learned some new things that I will definitely use again. I can't wait to make some natural colored rugs for the house!

Making the prefelt. I used Shetland Mule fiber I had dyed years ago. And some dark Indigo Ashford fiber given to me by a friend when she could no longer felt.

Deciding on the design placement

More design decisions after cutting out the motifs. I liked both sides so I had to make two versions, a positive and a negative.

Layout for the second rug

Second rug, love the edges on this one!

First rug, I intentionally wrapped the backing fibers around to the front, I thought it gave it the look of being singed by fire. Maybe the recent fire we had influenced this decision.

Pretty comparable in size and thickness. Can't wait to make some bigger rugs!

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Sheep Fat or Mutton Tallow (from Fat Sheep)

Here is my first ever batch of mutton tallow soap. It's sparkling white and leaves your hands feeling SO good. I've been making soap for about 17 years but never tried using mutton tallow in it.


I guess I have overfed my sheep for a couple years now. Who knew Frankie, my 3.5 year old wether was so fat! I knew he was bossy at the feeder, but never have I seen so much fat on a sheep. 

 I was thinking of making suet feeders for the birds, but then I read about the wonders of mutton tallow for your skin.

I'll be rendering lots more of Frankie's fat and trying different blends and scents in soaps and lotions. The batch above is 100% mutton tallow with Lavender and Rosemary essential oils added for scent. 

I'm cooling down some Mutton tallow/olive oil balm now. I'll whip it up and put it in jars. I've read that mutton tallow is really beneficial for your skin. We'll see. There's always more to learn! 

Spring and Summer Classes 2024

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