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Except as noted, all wool is from my own happy, friendly pasture-raised flock of sheep. I skirt it thoroughly and wash it myself using no harsh chemicals. I have it professionally processed into roving and combed top. My Shetland sheep have fine crimpy fleeces; very suitable for next-to-skin garments. My customers love the softness of my Shetland products.  And my Bluefaced Leicester fiber is wonderful for garments with its luster and elasticity. 

Combed top L to R: Bluefaced Leicester, Shetland, Shetland Mule, Teeswater cross
 Combed Top:
Combed top is a joy to spin, no VM and no neps!
All of my fibers felt quickly and spin up easily. 10% price break on quantities of 1 pound or more.
*  Shetland and BFL/Shetland: very soft, fine and crimpy. Colors include Dark Brown, Charcoal,  Grey, Moorit, Fawn and Light Grey $4/oz.
*  100% Bluefaced Leicester: white or natural colored (spins up dark brownish charcoal) $4.00/oz.
* Teeswater cross: white, soft! $4/oz.

Humane Sheepskins - "Felt Pelts"
No sheep were injured in the making of these raw felted "pelts".  They are hand felted from sheared fleece. The donor animal continues to graze peacefully and grow more fleece for next year's pelt.  Enjoy the beauty of a soft natural fleece as a couch throw or lap blanket. The coarser fiber fleeces can be used as rugs and wall hangings. When the room gets chilly, I love to warm up under a 5' long soft, lustrous felted fleece.  Prices vary from $125 to $400 depending on fleece length and finished size.

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Spring and Summer Classes 2024

  Well, it's April and the sheep have been sheared.  The chicks have arrived in the mail and Easter is behind us already.  Time to start...