Friday, October 12, 2012

Cambridge Fiber Fair and a New Finn Ram lamb

Last minute preparations for my booth at the Cambridge Fiber Fair tomorrow.

There was a nice write up in the local paper about the fair and a couple of us fiber producers who will be there. Click here to view the article.

I'm having a blast going through my stash.  I'm finding fibers I haven't seen in ages and they are giving me lots of ideas for new projects.  I decided to drumcard some hand-dyed roving from Bramble Hetty's 2006 fleece into these colorful fluffy batts.
Finn ram lamb meets horned Shetland ram lamb.

Life has been busy again this month. I traded my sweet little moorit gulmoget polled Shetland ram lamb to Gail V. in exchange for a Finn ram lamb. He's a beautiful color and has the tiniest little tail!

I will probably put him in with 2-3 ewes this fall.  I know I didn't really want to breed any sheep this fall, but the thought of a luscious Bluefaced Leicester/Finn fleece is very tempting.  Luna didn't lamb in 2012 so she's the one BFL I'll put in with Mr. Finn.  And good old River Oaks Hattie will go in with him too. She always gives me the nicest lambs even though she's not much to look at herself.
I had a school bus full of Swedish visitors and Mora High School art students visit on Oct. 1st.  I had hoped to do a FeltUnited project with them, working on a fire themed rug, but time got away from us.  It always goes so fast when you're talking fiber!
They made cell phone pouches around sponges.  It's a quick and useful project. 
Deck table full of supplies after the school bus left.
I'll be making cell phone pouch kits to sell at the Fiber Fair using those dyed Shetland batts.

I think I'll bring this lovely mum that my neighbor brought over (along with squash, fennel, turnips and a pumpkin) to the Fiber Fair as a booth decoration.  Lots to do before tomorrow! 

Lastly, I am excited that Debbie Hermanson will be at the Cambridge Fiber Fair to demonstrate her needle felting machine. I got to try some of my fibers in it a couple weeks ago.  It's unbelievable how quickly one can create nuno prefelts with that machine.  I hope to work with Debbie in my future projects.

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