Monday, October 26, 2020

Fall 2020 -where did it go?

The summer went by so fast even though we've been staying close to home because of the pandemic. And fall went even faster. We're in the midst of a winter wonderland in October here in Minnesota.

I taught one in-person class up at North House Folk School over the summer, but all the others were cancelled

Sid and I planted a bigger garden and hatched out lots of chicks, turkey poults, quail, and ducklings. We also participated one local art festival at a friend's winery.


And we did the weekly Isle Farmer's Market selling Sid's sourdough, our eggs, my goatmilk soaps, lip balms, and yarns. 

We've had a killing frost, so that's the end of the garden. The tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, birdhouse gourds and squash did fantastic in the old sheep pen. Lots of good fertilizer in there!

I finally got back in my outdoor studio space getting some felted fleeces done in September. We had a bee's nest out there and bumblebees took up residence in Spooky's fleece. I let them have it until after the frost. They didn't do much damage. I love bumble bees.

I was accepted for the American Swedish Institute's Julmarknad again this year. It will be online (people will be directed to my online shop) and I will be sharing an outdoor booth with my friend Sue Flanders the weekend of Dec 13-14 in the courtyard at the Institute. Should be a fun weekend if the weather is nice. 

Spring and Summer Classes 2024

  Well, it's April and the sheep have been sheared.  The chicks have arrived in the mail and Easter is behind us already.  Time to start...