Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Kitten photos

Here are the photos I couldn't upload yesterday. I thought I had more, but I can only find these...better fix that!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Updated my website

Yumm, that farm fresh turkey was SO good! We had a great Thanksgiving visiting both sides of the family and I didn't have to cook or clean. However, since we had that homegrown turkey on hand, I cooked it up on Saturday and it was so tender and delicious! I'm going to see if I can get more of those turkeys next year...
Breeding season is well underway and I've had to resort to electronet to keep Donder out of Bombarde's group. Bombarde has turned into quite a nice ram and is so good with his ewe lambs. Boggart's hanging in there, but he's been bashing at the woven wire when I come around with their rations for the day.
Dougal scoured quite badly for two days. At first I thought it was due to the pumpkin I gave them after Thanksgiving, but I wormed him just in case. And I'm doing a coccidiosis water treatment too.
I wanted to post photos of the kittens, but I guess I didn't transfer them onto the hard drive yet. I can't get up because I have a lap full of sleeping kittens. They are just adorable, especially when they're sleeping.
I worked all day yesterday revamping my website, I wanted to include our BFL's on it and the fact that I'm now a Louet dealer. My first order arrives on Wednesday! I'm so excited. I ordered the new Victoria, but they were sold out until January, so that's when mine will arrive. Now I hear the January shipment is sold out too and the next batch won't be available until March. Just think, that will be close to lambing!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

We've been busy around here getting ready for Thanksgiving. The turkeys were processed yesterday and they weighed 12 and 10 1/2 pounds which was pretty good for being only 12 weeks old. The rams are in their breeding pens and the girls have adjusted to being in their company. Boggart, shown here with Elsa, did not like his ewe lambs, so they went to Bombarde instead. Bombarde now has six ewe lambs. Boggart had 4 ewes left, but now has 7 ewes. Donder's ewes have been added to Boggart's group after Donder broke a basement window last week. He was actually squeezing out under the chain link fence - amazing because he's a bit of a chunk these days. It wasn't so bad to have him grazing the backyard -- until he saw his reflection in the basement window and decided to bash it....

The kittens are four weeks old already but I don't have any current photos and my batteries are dead. We lost the calico kitten a couple weeks ago. The photos show them at two weeks and then at three weeks. Mama kitty didn't care for them crawling all over, so she moved them down to the basement in a corner contained by the base of a floor fan. It was so cold down there that we moved them back upstairs and I'll get more photos soon. They are very mobile and very cute. I'm trying to introduce kitten chow now. They will be ready for their new homes in about 2-4 weeks. Anyone interested, please let me know. I can only imagine how they will react to the Christmas tree!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Pole Barn is Finally Repaired

Stan finally finished repairing the pole shed. It's so nice to have it enclosed again! It felt like a big open wound everytime I drove by and saw it burned and wide open on one end. Even though you can still see the tell-tale signs of the fire from the outside, and it's eight feet shorter than before, it looks SO much better and we can close it up again.

I'm really proud of Stan for getting it done. It was a LOT work and he did almost all of it himself. He had help with placing the new posts and installing new trusses, but he did the rest of it pretty much on his own. I offered to help and I didn't like the idea of him up on that roof all by himself, but he prefers to do things like that himself.

So today Stan is off deer hunting and I went out shopping at the area craft sales. Tomorrow four of our rams go in their breeding groups. They are definitely READY. I hope the girls don't get too stressed, but it's all in the hope of some fabulous lambs for spring.

The kittens have finally gotten their eyes open. I'll take photos and post them tomorrow. What a bunch of cuties they are! Poor mama cat has her paws full with seven babies to care for.

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