Thursday, September 05, 2013

Shetland Ewes for Sale & Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival this weekend!

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I've had very poor Internet connections since mid-July.  But it's working now so I will take some time to post that I've decided  to sell all my Shetlands except Camille -- she lambed on August 7th, the first-ever August lambs to be born here! 

Austin and Audrey are so cute, I hope to keep Audrey too.

It's the high price of hay that has forced me to make the decision to quit raising Shetlands. I love their rich colors and easy care, but since I sold my land with the hayfields last summer, I have to buy hay now. And with the current drought conditions, the hay is going pretty high -- if you can get some one to sell it to you... hopefully someone out there has plenty of hay and will give my Shetland ewes a good home. 
River Oaks Cinder, Ag grey gulmoget yearling

Yearling ewes: River Oaks Godiva, black gulmoget, River Oaks Cinder, Ag grey gulmoget, River Oaks Goldie, Musket.  All lambed singles with no problems in 2013 are in good condition.
2 yr old ewes: River Oaks Minnie, moorit gulmoget, and River Oaks Mystery, shaela gulmoget. These two were sold in 2011 and have never been exposed to a ram. Their owner has health issues and can no longer keep sheep.
3 yr old ewe: River Oaks Heddy, Ag grey with good solid grey coloring. Heddy is a very good mother.

Kahn, he's a big Finn/BFL wether with super fleece.

I also have several Finn-cross ram lambs (two are pictured below) and a wether (pictured above) to sell. The fleece on the Finn crosses is very nice, soft and crimpy.  And the docile personalities of the Finn-cross ram lambs makes me want to keep them all as fiber pets. They are so sweet.

This is the only horned Finn-cross ram lamb. He's out of Cinder.
This is River Oaks Heddy (center) and one of her Finn-sired ram lambs in the front. He has very small scurs as does his black krunet brother.

I'm getting ready to leave for the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival at Jefferson tomorrow. Time to get outside and water the garden and the flowers.  I'm really looking forward to seeing all my sheep friends and all the fun activities at the festival (shopping!).  This year, for the first time ever, I signed up to take a class.  I'm taking the felted hat class from Suzanne Higgs on Sunday.  Should be fun, I've always admired her wonderful hats. 

Spring and Summer Classes 2024

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