Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Time just flying by

We've been so busy around here getting things ready for the new pole building. It involved moving the sheep shelter and fencing as well as clearing out all the bedding/manure, and taking out several trees. Of course the sheep loved eating all those fresh leaves! They make a big fuss now whenever my husband goes out there, hoping he'll throw a few more branches their way.

The flock is finally all shorn as of last Saturday when Jim Peterson came out to finish the last eight sheep. You can see in the photo above that our 7/8 Shetland wether, Willy (in back) and our BFL ram, Dougal are getting plenty of groceries...

This is a shot of Gillian before shearing. She looked much better that way. The poor old girl was pretty thin and we didn't realize how thin until shearing day. Her lambs are doing just fine and she's looking better now too.

The lambs are growing so quickly! Here are our two katmoget ewe lambs out of Bombarde, Lucy and Bailey, they are Ab/Aa. The ewe behind them is River Oaks Hannah, she's an F2 Holly. I was surprised to see what a rich moorit color she is after shearing. I guess she's not going on my sales list after all! Her sister Hattie is a very rich black too. Their mother was grey, so I'm very happy with such solid colors on these two.

Pictured below is Derra, one of our Shetland mule lambs. She's getting so big! And I'm glad to say that her tail has fallen off already.

Well, I can't believe Memorial weekend will soon be upon us. Time to get the garden tilled and planted!


  1. How fun to see new pictures of your flock, Becky! Those Katmoget babies are gorgeaous and your 'mule' lamb looks huge! I'm glad to see you don't dock the tails as close as some breeders do. I'm trying to picture where your new pole barn is going. Can't quite figure it out from my memory of your place. I guess I'll have to come back up there again!

    Happy Memorial weekend!

  2. Thanks Nancy, I would love to have you come up for a visit! Maybe I could get you to bring your camera along. You take such great photos. The pole building will be just south of our house, between us and our neighbor. The pond is on the north side and our new pasture is in back on the east side. We will be able to watch the flock grazing from our deck off the kitchen. We haven't got the fencing up yet, but the posts are all in. I'm using electronet back there for now. That gets to be a chore.

  3. Your lambs are looking awesome! Nice pictures.


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