Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Getting to know you

We've been getting to know Shachah, inlcuding how to spell his name correctly. :-)
He seems to like me, he wags his tail and wants me to pet him. I figured out yesterday that he needs to be let out of the chain link kennel to relieve himself, doesn't want to soil his kennel. So now he gets the run of the backyard a few times a day. This way he's getting to know the smell of our kitties and Ozzie.
He's getting more used to Ozzie too.  No more barking or growling there.  I haven't let them meet without a fence in between them yet, but I think it might be time to try pretty soon. 
Last night I suddenly thought about our neighbor's super cute little King Cavilier cross, Kia.  She comes over fairly often.  She doesn't bother anything so we don't mind her visiting.  Well she came over this afternoon just after I let Shachah out of his kennel. I got to her first and petted her to show Shachah that she was okay.  He didn't even bark, he just sniffed her.  Now that he knows her, I'm pretty sure he won't hurt her. But she does have a tendency to be bossy. She'd better watch her step with the big guy.

He hasn't shown any interest in the chickens so far. But I've kept all our pets on the outside of the fence he's in until I get more comfortable with him.

I am anxious to let him in with the sheep. Maybe I'll walk him through their paddock and see how they react to him.  He walks very well on a leash.


  1. You should walk him in with your sheep on a leash at first. Then if everyone is fairly calm and curious, release him and just stand by. He should be fairly submissive and allow the sheep to approach him. As a mature dog, he is unlikely to chase the sheep. May or may not approach them at a walk.

    I did perimeter walks around the pastures with my dogs when they were new. Belle was shy in unfamiliar territory at first. She became much bolder as she realized this was her new home.

    Congratulations on getting this dog. I know you will love him. And after he settles in, he will be a great mentor for a puppy when you decide you need another LGD.

  2. Thanks Carol! I'm so anxious to get him out with the sheep where he belongs. But I'd hate to have him take off looking for his old home. I've been told to allow about 10 days for him to bond with us and learn that this is his new home. Maybe this weekend we can walk the fence lines with him and see how the sheep respond to him in their midst.
    Today I'm going to let him and Ozzie meet face to face - no fence.

  3. He is a beautiful boy! It's nice that you and Stan could give him a home. I'm sure everything will work out.

  4. Thanks Terri, so far so good. He and Ozzie did fine together this afternoon. I also took him out in the paddocks. He was on a leash for a while and off the leash for a while. The sheep were a little wary of him, but it went real well, he wasn't aggressive to them in the least. They were sniffing him and Hannah followed along when I showed him the perimeter fence. Our yearling BFL ewe, Rhaya stomped her foot at him, but she was the only one. I think he'll do fine. :-)


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