Monday, October 12, 2009

We got ourselves a Guard Dog!

We picked up Shacaw this afternoon.  He's a 5 year old Great Pyr/Akbash guard dog who needed a new home because his owners are moving out of state at the end of month. He's so big and seems so calm, just having him laying near the sheep pen gives me a sense of security.

As soon as we let him out of the dog crate, he focused right in on the sheep and they focused in on him...

Of course they're in separate pens for now. After Shacaw accepts us and Ozzie, we'll see how he does with the sheep.  So far he's very laid back.  Mostly just laying around sniffing the breeze.

And since it's been snowing all day, it's nice that he's decided to use the small calf hut we put in there for him.


  1. Great! I hope that Shacaw works out well for you. There will probably be some frustration during the adjustment period, but I think his mellow attitude and age will work for you.
    Tammy (p.s. He is so pretty!)

  2. AWWWWWWWWW! I'm so glad that you decided to give him a try. I hope everything works out and he has a "forever" home...

  3. Congrats on the pooch! My cows looked the same as your sheep did the day I brought home my first horse :) They learned quickly they were ok. Keep us posted!

  4. Good luck with him! I hope he does okay with the geese! :) He's beautiful...I miss my akbash :(

  5. Congratulations! He looks so calm and beautiful. I love dogs (and sheep and cats and. . .). May you have many successful and sweet years together.

  6. Yes! Congrats and happy transitions from me, too!

  7. Thanks you guys! I'm really liking him so far, he barked at Kelly when she came to do my annual SFCP inspection this morning. So he must be feeling at home already. I'm so anxious to let him in with the sheep where he wants to be. But he doesn't care for Ozzie at all yet. Ozzie just tries to be friendly.
    Rayna, that's a good point, as we were driving home with him I realized I had forgotten to ask about how he does with poultry. My hens free range, so I guess we'll find out...thankfully the geese are penned with the rams.


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