Saturday, June 30, 2012

Quick Catch Up Post

 Sorry I haven't kept up with the blog.  It seems there's always so much to do around here.

Leta and her ram lamb born on June 7th.  Another yearling BFL who is an excellent mom!
Sheep News_ 
Lambing Done- 12 lambs born, 7 ewe lambs, 5 ram lambs.  Two Shetland rams are for sale, see the sales page for photos of them in their younger days.  They are both friendly, with fine, crimpy moorit fleece.  One polled gulmoget.  The other is horned, very solid, good horns.  I want them to go to good homes, will entertain offers.  Also have three crossbred ram lambs if anyone is interested in using one for breeding or fiber.  All the ram lambs are very sweet-natured and friendly like their sire was.

I'm still trying to decide about the ewe lambs, which include a beautiful solid black gulmoget, two emsket gulmogets, an AG grey gulmoget with exceptionally soft fleece, a beautiful musket, and an English Blue/gulmoget crossbred (BFL/Shetland).
I'm so glad lambing is over.  I'm reconsidering if I should breed any ewes next year.  I am not in the market for a ram, but I may consider leasing one or using the UK BFL semen I invested in a couple years ago.  My yearling BFL ewes were excellent moms.  I'm so impressed with them!

Weather News-  very hot and humid here. Supposed to be in the 90's for the next 4 days. Sheep are not happy in hot weather.
Had a big willow tree come down on the corner of my house in a storm last week (while I was at the vet's office with the Ag grey gulmoget ewe lamb).  Lots of work cleaning up. No insurance reimbursement. The insurance guy says my other willow must be cut down too, because it's leaning over with sod ripped up.  If it falls on the pole barn they won't cover the damages.  Dang, those insurance companies!

Poultry News-  A fox got two of my Buff Chantecler hens and something else killed three of the orphaned chicks -- all within just 8 days.  I have six adult chickens and six chicks left.  The last remaining Buff Chantecler hen just went broody again.

I got six nice young ducks at the weekly auction in early June.  Two Saxony ducks, one Blue Swedish duck, and the other three are drakes. I just love ducks!  Hopefully they will get to spend their days down on the pond later this summer.  I'm just too worried about that fox to let them out now.

Memorial Day- 
I decided it was time to spread Stan's ashes and plant the Blue Spruce I received at his funeral.

The boys and I sprinkled ashes over the white pines Stan planted on the east border of our pasture a couple years ago, and some over on our 40 acres in Ogilvie.
The Blue Spruce went to the "ranch", where Stan spent so much time with his best friend Dick.  Dick and his wife Kate had prepared a special spot for it. Now whenever we drive by we will be able to see that tree.
Stan's best friend Dick on the right and his wife Kate on the left with my boys.

We sprinkled Stan's ashes under his favorite deer stand and Dick brought some up in the stand too.  It was my first time seeing Stan's deer stand at the ranch. I was never interested in deer hunting myself. But once there, I could see why Stan loved it so much.  Dick and Kate were/are very special friends.

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