Saturday, May 09, 2009

Two New Ram Lambs!

I had a great day at Shepherd's Harvest today. The temps were awfully cold, but it was so much fun to see everyone and all the sheep on display.

Kelly Ward brought two ram lambs and two ewe lambs all the way from Michigan. I bought a gorgeous white ram lamb (on the left in photo above) who carries color (his mother is a beautiful natural colored ewe). Sorry I didn't get any good photos of him tonight when I got home. I put him in with Socks, our yearling wether, for the night. He's really big for just being born on 3-1-09!

He's a foot stamper. And he looks like a show horse trotting around the paddock. I kept Peppy, the Ile de France, away from him because they were headbutting and this guy is way too young and small to take on the IdF.

It was about 7:30 when I got to check in on Leonie and her newborn black ram lamb. He was still wet, but I could see his fleece looks very nice so far. Smooth, but leathery patches on his head, so he will probably grow some type of horns.

Final lamb stats for 2009:
15 lambs,
8 rams 7 ewes

6 Purebred Shetlands:
3 black factored gulmoget ewe lambs (one is Ag)
1 black krunet ewe lamb
1 grey ram lamb
1 black ram lamb

2 Purebred BFLs:
two ram lambs, one natural colored, one white

7 BFL Crosses:
1 - 3/4 BFL white ewe lamb
2 - 3/4 BFL white ram lambs
2 - 3/4 BFL English blue lambs, ewe and ram
2 - White Mule lambs, ram and ewe


  1. hey congrats on the new ram lambs...even if one is a few months old ;) What are his lines? I wish I could have been at the gathering...but work duties call..more on blogger about it tomorrow! :)

  2. So you're done lambing?
    And 8 ram lambs wasn't enough?


    I wish I could have made it up to Shepherds Harvest but am getting a lot of work done around here. Zodiak and Bella Luna are still holding out. They look huge ~ but it's hard to tell as they are still in full fleece ~ but are contentedly grazing as I write this.

    Have a Happy Mother's Day, Becky.
    And a wonderful summer!!

  3. Too bad you couldn't make it Garrett, I know you've been busy with shearing, etc. I'm heading back down today. This ram lamb, Ward Harwell, is an F3 Carry House R1, Beeston Blackmoor, and Gigrin Red Kite. Also has Rossibank Laird and Jamie in his pedigree. At not even three months old, he is about 3/4 the size of my yearling Mule wether.

  4. We missed you Nancy. Kim, Angie, Gail and Terri were there. Yes,I'm am so relieved to be done with lambing. (I'm pretty sure those two yearling Mules aren't pregnant after all.) Good luck with your last two ewes, I'll be watching for photos. Have a great Mother's Day!

  5. Congrats on the lambs! And your new boy is just stunning! Shepherd's Harvest was fun but I am exhausted!!


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