Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Photos of the new Boys

Photos of Harwell, our new BFL ram lamb. What a face!And his fleece is very lustrous.

Photos of Leonie's black ram lamb....he looks blue in these photos.
Here you can see the big spaces where his horns should be. They are flat leathery patches so far, but I think he will get some kind of horn growth. Cordelia's Ag grey lamb is more hair covered in those spots. He's my hope for a polled ram. :-))

Leonie gave me the funniest look as I was photographing her newborn. She's a very protective mother, knocking the other lambs away from her precious little guy. But he's already anxious to join in the lamb races with the big lambs.

This is Doulan (in mid-air) and Diamond on Sunday morning. The rest of the flock went out to pasture, but these two just wanted to have fun.


  1. Hi Becky,

    That new BFL ram is so handsome. Congratulations!

    And I just love the action shot of the lambs! You've had some great lambs this year.

  2. Finger's crossed he won't grow much in the way of scurs. Cute little fellow.

  3. Hi, I spoke to you early Saturday afternoon at Shepherd's Harvest about Leora's gorgeous 2 lb. fleece, and indicated that I would be interested in purchasing same should you decide you would like to sell her fleece.


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