Sunday, May 03, 2009

Lamb Photos & Garage Sale time again!

This weekend was Mora's city-wide garage sale. I've been so busy, I didn't realize it until I noticed all the early birds shopping on Friday evening. Remember the great deal I got last year during the city-wide garage sale on a Kromski harp rigid heddle loom with floor stand? I was hoping to find that same lady selling more looms. So I scoured the ads and found one listing a loom. I got to the sale right at the 7:00 a.m. opening. And there it was, the same big oak triangle loom on a sturdy stand (complete with Carol Leigh's video) that I had passed up last year! And this year it was half the price! I snapped it up along with a pair of lamps, some craft items and a quilt rack.
Yes, it is big, I haven't even carried in the stand in yet. So here it is propped up against the entertainment center.

Then Jeannine stopped over with her grand-daughter to visit the lambs. Here they are with Leavon, the twin lamb Jeannine saw born on 4-8-09 when she stopped in on her evening walk. He is super friendly, just like his grandma Cocoa. She was my favorite ewe and I sold her last year.
Look at the size difference between the first lamb born here on 4-8-09 (Leavon's twin brother) and the bigger one of Hattie's Shetland ewe twins born on Wednesday, 4-29-09.Below is the other twin, a black Krunet with that tight fleece with the halo starting at the ribs.

Here's the black gulmoget again...she's a chunk!
And here's a shot of Lanora's lamb, Doulan, at about a week old. He's a big lamb.
And here's Devlyn...looking good.Cordelia's ram lamb, with the smooth spots instead of horns so far. :-)
And his twin sister, an Ag gulmoget.

Our smallest 3/4 BFL lamb, Diamond. Her sire is Granite.

And here is Mabeline looking regal in the morning sun. I think those are her Shetland Mule lambs behind her. It's hard to tell for sure with all the white BFL cross lambs running around.


  1. Jeeze, nice loom! I love rummage saleling, my finds this weekend weren't as spectactular as yours though...if ya ever find a cheap spinning! I think I'm gonna have to start saving my Nice photos! :)

  2. I LOVE the loom! You find the best deals! And your lamb photos are very nice!

  3. I love your new triangle loom and the black gulmoget lamb! Lucky you.

  4. WOW! What a FIND! How come I never find stuff like this at garage sales???
    The BFL ram lambs are looking good!


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