Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cordelia's Lambs

Here's a shot of Cordelia's lambs taken shortly after their birth this morning. Their fleeces are on the longer side, but if they are anything like her previous lambs, they should have nice fleeces in adulthood, especially with Harrison's crimp added in.

Cordelia threw her Ag to both her lambs. It will be interesting to see how the Ag affects the gulmoget. We have two moorit ewes bred to Harrison also, but they don't look very close to lambing yet.

We had to run up to the auction for hay at noon. I bought orchard grass hay this time instead of alfalfa - no cheap hay this time, I paid $2.60/bale and it started to rain right after we bid. So we had to scramble to get it home before it got too wet.

I'm going to see if I can get in 5 hours of work today.


  1. oh becky! An Ag GULMOGET EWE! I've been pining for one since I saw my first one! I love the gulmoget head on the white body. just beautiful. Congrats!

  2. Oh, so THAT's what an Ag Gulmoget would look like -- light body with the facial markings! I hope they retain the dark legs and tail too. Cordelia did a good job, but this will have to be her last lambing. She only has a few teeth left. I kept her and a pregnant yearling ewe penned separately the last month or so to make sure they got adequate nutrition.


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