Saturday, May 03, 2008

When the time is right....

First I have to post this photo of our son at the Mora prom's Grand March late this afternoon. He's a college freshmen accompanying his friend, Joia, to prom again this year. They sure do look nice together! This is the only shot I got because we were in the front row.

Next, meet River Oaks Ebony, our little BFL ewe lamb born on 5-1-08. Two days old now and doing just fine.

Now, to the main point of this post...I am a believer that if things are meant to be, they will be...eventually. So here is a series of fortunate events leading to a happy me. ;-)

First- my son and my husband both work at Coborn's grocery store here in Mora. Coborn's has a program called "Cash Patrol" where every so often they pick an employee's name and then go to their house and check the cupboards for their store brand, Food Club, items. If you have 25 Food Club items you win $250. I've always had mixed feelings about the program, thinking it's kind of like Big Brother invading our home. Well yesterday my son's name was picked. My husband got here five minutes ahead of the "Cash Patrol" squad and let me know they were on their way. We scrounged through the cupboards and came up with 27 items! They took a photo of our son and the food items all stacked on the counter and then counted out 25 $10 bills for him! Being the good kid he is, and knowing that he did not buy ANY of the items himself, he split the cash with us. Nice!

So then...
Today was Mora's city-wide garage sale. I don't usually go to garage sales as I have so much junk of my own already. But I looked over the different sale listings last week and noticed one with a Harp loom and a 5' Triangle loom. Ever since I got into fiber and spinning, I have lusted after a Kromski Harp (rigid heddle loom). They are so beautiful and they fold up for portability. There have been many times at wool festivals that I've really been tempted to break down and buy myself one, but I've always resisted because they are expensive.

I made a mental note to try and be the first one there on Saturday morning.
When I suddenly remembered my plan this morning, the time was about 6:15.
I threw on some clothes and raced through feeding the sheep and chickens. Put coffee in a travel cup and made a bee-line for THE garage sale. I was getting into to town about 5 minutes late as it was and then I missed the turn and had to go back. Arghhh!
As I walked up, I saw the 5' Triangle with a big oak stand and the Carol Leigh video. All for only $50! But I don't really care for triangle shawls and blankets, so I was scouring the place looking for the Harp thinking I was too late for it.
That's when someone set the Harp, still unassembled in the box, on the table in right in front of me. It was a brand new 24" model with a floor stand for only $50! I didn't look inside I just said, "I'll take it!" The retail value of that loom is about $300, what a great deal! And I just happened to have cash in my pocket. :-)
I came straight home and started putting it together.

The coolest thing is, next weekend I'm taking a SAORI weaving class at Shepherd's Harvest. SAORI weaving is "beauty with lack of intention" it's kind of philosophical way of learning about oneself and is a therapeutic, healing weaving. Sounds so cool! The class description says students will learn ways of using a simple loom to create texture and have fun with color. Perfect timing!


  1. Wow, Becky. That is the neatest thing to have found just what you want, for such a great price, just when you had the money to spend. I hope you have a great time at you class with your new loom.

    Your son and his friend look terrific. Great photo. :)

  2. I LOVE garage saleing, just for that reason, you never know what you'll find! :) Congrats!

  3. Congrats on the $$ and the loom! Wow! What a deal! You look like you have been busy. ;-)

  4. Ok that BFL lamb is JUST TOO ADORABLE!!!

  5. What wonderful serendipity. Have fun with your Saori weaving class!

  6. I love that you found just what you were looking for! I found a pair of hand carders at a second hand store for $6, just when I had told myself that I couldn't pay the $60+ for new ones. I almost fell on the floor when I saw them.

  7. Has it really been THAT long since I stayed at your house??? I remember your son as a young boy! What a handsome young man he's grown up to be!

    Congrats on the great buy on the loom! I wish I was going to see you at SH this weekend but have decided to stay home. The gas is just TOO expensive....

    Tell everyone "Hi" for me!


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