Friday, May 09, 2008

Jemma Lambed!

Good news! Bramble Jemma finally lambed this morning. She had twin Shetland Mules. The big white ewe lamb came first, then a little black ram with a krunet marking. I'll weigh them tonight after their cords are dry. Too bad she mixed up the colors on them, I would have preferred a black ewe lamb and a white ram lamb. Notice the ewe lamb kneels to nurse already. The ram lamb is the smallest Shetland Mule lamb I've ever seen. So cute!

They all look great and now I don't have to worry about her lambing while I'm gone this weekend at Shepherd's Harvest. Whew!

Jemma has really kept me guessing this year. I had her marked on the calendar for April 8 to deliver a Sheltering Pines Bombarde lamb, but no go there. So then I got very excited thinking she'd have a Kimberwood Harrison lamb - gulmoget, polled. No deal there either. Apparently, she held out until Dougal came home from Kim's. Thinking she was surely bred already, I used her for Dougal's companion until I got the BabyDoll Southdowns in January. Arghh! Oh well, these are healthy lambs and their fleece will be fantastic.
So far, I've only gotten 7 purebred Shetland lambs this year and five of them are rams. But I still have River Oaks Cora bred to Windswept Boggart. And we still have one more bred to a BFL. I'm thinking next week for that one and a few weeks away for Cora's lamb(s).

Here are our lambing statistics this far (two ewes left to go):
TWENTY lambs,
12 rams and 8 ewes

SEVEN purebred Shetlands -
5 rams (all carry modified genes and color is subject to change, one black, one moorit, one fawn or mioget, one smirslet moorit and one fawn katmoget) Three may have aberrant horns or scurs, and two have big horns.
2 ewes (black gulmoget and modified moorit)

EIGHT Shetland Mules-
3 white ewe lambs,

I grey flecket ewe lamb
1 black ram lamb
1 grey flecket, yuglet, sokket ram lamb

2 silver saddled smirslet ram lambs (very pretty fiber boys)

TWO 3/4 BFL rams lambs, (1 white, 1 grey saddled with black points - gorgeous color!)
ONE 3/4 Shetland ram lamb, white, polled, could carry gulmoget under the white

TWO purebred BFLs, one white, one dark natural colored.

I'm really looking forward to the end of lambing. It's such a nerve-wracking time. But
so far we've had a great year with healthy babies and healthy moms. We had a couple tough deliveries of big lambs, but no vet bills. Yes! Knocking on wood for the last two ewes.

Here's a shot of Rhyn and her 1 week old ewe lamb on pasture. I'm using electronet to section off the pasture this year. The ewes are so happy to be out on what little bit of grass we have. They were driving me crazy wanting to get out there. I finally relented.

Here's a shot of our orchid cactus in bloom. This is the first time it's bloomed indoors. I just set the pot on the pitcher, that's a dangerous place for it with two kitties in the house.

Now I have to get off this computer and get ready for spending the weekend at Shepherd's Harvest.

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