Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

I hope everyone is enjoying the Memorial Day weekend. The trilliums and wild strawberries are in bloom in the woods. The photo at left is taken from the pond's edge, you can see our little red barn on the horizon.

Things are kind of dull here with the poor weather yesterday and the high gas prices. Also, Stan and Matt had to work all weekend. Our oldest son, Alex, came up for the weekend, but I'm afraid he's been rather bored with just me to keep him company. It's nice out today so maybe we can head over to the land and check things out.

The boys took Alex's inflatable kayak out on the pond on Saturday, it was a good thing they did it then because on Sunday the mosquitoes hatched and they are ravenous! My poor sheep! I have to get refills for my automatic barn sprayer ASAP. The poor BFL's have open faces, necks and bellies so they get hit hard. Add to that the woodticks they pick up on pasture and I hope they aren't anemic!

The Stone Cherry tree in the front yard is blossoming, it's always so beautiful when it does. We got this tree as a seedling from Early Childhood Family Education class when Matt was about four years old. It has grown into a beautiful tree. The fragrance of the blossoms is so nice too.

A close up of the blossoms...

The apple tree is blossoming too, we should have a good crop of apples this year.

Here's a shot of River Oaks Lana, our black gulmoget ewe lamb out of Kimberwood Harrison and River Oaks Lucy. She's got a lot of UK genetics in her pedigree, mostly Roban Dillon, but Holly too.

Here's a shot of River Oaks Julius, he's an F2 Minder out of Bramble Cordelia and Windswept Boggart. His fleece is gorgeous right now. I hope his horns turn out okay. If they do, he would be a great flock sire for someone.

Okay, back to packing wool for Zeilinger's in Michigan. As I type this I am surrounded by bags of washed wool. I have lots of Shetland moorit, musket and white to be made into combed top this year. I'm having the Baby Doll fleeces and a short UK type Shetland fleece made into quilt batts. The BFL fleeces are being made into roving. Oh, they are so luscious! And there will Shetland Black, Black iset, long silky moorit and fawn roving made too. I want to get all stocked up for the booths I'll be doing this fall. It's already too late for the summer booths I'm doing.


  1. Becky, thanks for the peek at your beautiful surroundings-and that cool gulmoget ewe lamb.

  2. You just reminded of two big reasons I am glad I'm not in Minnesota anymore -- mosquitoes and ticks!


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