Friday, May 23, 2008

Celebrating the lambs and rams

I've been out in the pasture comparing the various shades of brown in our Shetland lamb crop this year. We have four browns, three rams and a ewe. All are out of Windswept Boggart and carry modified genetics. In the photo above, you see Maverick, the smirslet moorit in front, his twin brother Marshall in the middle, and Rueben, the moorit out of Eliza.

Rueben with his big horns.

Marshall with his small horns.

And Marshall's twin, Maverick (reserved) with his small horns and cute face.

We also have a beautiful little moorit ewe lamb, Leonie, with her teeth showing. Soft fleece!

And here's Jemma and her big and little Shetland Mule twins with Abby in the background grazing as usual.

And this is a dream come true, Dougal and Granite finally living together in one pen! Which brings me down to only two pens of sheep. Yay!
Of course it won't last too long, I will wean the lambs in June and that will create another pen. And eventually I'll have to separate the polled and the horned ram lambs. But for now life is easy. The grass is growing and I am rotating paddocks.

Here is Cocoa's wethered Shetland Mule ram lamb (reserved), with Delia's 3/4 BFL ram lamb in the background. Delia's lamb is also pictured below, front and back. What a beautiful guy he is at only 6 weeks old! He's for sale too. Polled with very soft fleece.

And here's Delia's lamb with Lana, our black gulmoget ewe lamb. She's really growing, but compared to him, she looks small.

I'll try to post photos of the other lambs soon.


  1. That is quite a variety of lamb, Becky. Very good looking. I really like Lana. She is beautiful.

  2. Thanks Sharrie. Lana is the pride and joy of my Shetland lamb crop this year. She's getting nice and plump. I am hoping she gets more friendly one of these days. Most of my lambs are annoyingly friendly, but she hangs back, even though her mom is very friendly. I'm sure she'll come around eventually, I'm anxious to feel her fleece!


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